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Each product we design draws on our roots, both urban and outdoor, with a unique balance to keep you looking good wherever you go.


Why I created the Pandella Brand

February 03, 2015

When I was a management consultant, I traveled extensively every week, and I traveled globally for different projects, in cold winters in Cleveland, Berlin, or... Read More

A down jacket’s fill power

February 03, 2015

A down jacket’s fill power is a number that represents the fluffiness of the jacket. In more accurate terms, it is the number of cubic... Read More

How is down graded?

February 03, 2015

How down is graded: • Down Fill 900: 900 fill down is the highest quality down commercially available and considered the absolute gold standard of... Read More

Why Are We Still Using Down?

February 03, 2015

You probably don’t think much about down jackets. Maybe you own one. If you don’t, a lot of people around you sure do. But why... Read More